The Global SMART Tourism Congress was held

The Global SMART Tourism Congress was held
The Faculty of Tourism hosted the Global Congress on Smart Tourism (GLOSTOUR) convention.

The Faculty of Tourism’s Assistant Dean Doç. Dr. Lütfi Atay, commenced the convention by discussing smart applications and detailing information about the convention.

Vice-President Prof. Dr. Suat Uğur indicated the perception of ́ ́smart ́ ́ terminology today is at the forefront in all areas especially in the unıversity city of Çanakkale regularly preferred by the young generation. In addition, he highlighted that the Faculty of Tourism provides benefits to the city in various ways.

From the University of South Florida in Sarasota, Prof. Dr. Cihan Çobanoğlu’s presented ́ ́Smart Tourism, City and Economy: Opportunities and  Challenges.´´ With the presence of the Çanakkale Association of Hotels and Tourism President Armağan Aydeğer, ETS Travel Agency Digital Advertising Manager Gözde Kılınç, ELEKTRA Hotel Administrative Systems Business Development Director Evrim Uyar and ELEKTRA Hotel Administrative Systems Sales Director İhsan Güzey the smart panel was complete.

In addition, the convention’s special guest speaker from Bocconi University in Italy Instructor              Dr. Rudolfo Baggio and NOVUSENS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute founder Berrin Benli presented smart tourism and smart destinations in English.

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