The 3rd International Health Sciences Congress took place

The 3rd International Health Sciences Congress took place

Thracian Universities Association the 3rd International Health Sciences Congress was held at COMU.

Professor Dr. Ahmet Ünver, the Director of the Institute of Health Sciences and Chairman of the Congress, presented in his speech that the increase in average life expectancy today, especially nutritional habits and other factors, have rapidly made researches and developments important in health sciences. Prof.Dr. Ahmet Ünver said that these congresses have become important congresses where the  fund of knowledge is shared and future perspectives are created.

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Süha Özden stated in his speech at the congress: “Studies conducted at the 3rd International Congress of Health Sciences will make a major contribution in the field of health.  I hope that when the congress is completed, the desirable result will be achieved .”

After the speeches, Prof. Dr. Fatih Gültekin, Dean of International Medical Faculty of the University of Health Sciences, made his presentation.

44 sessions were held for three days in the congress.

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