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Our University, With a quality-oriented, entrepreneurial and innovative university approach, aims to be the best university in its region and to become a strong scientific institution in its country and the world. Accordingly,
    It has adopted following goals as its principles:
  • Enhancing the academic skills, qualifications and capacity of human resources to conduct effective research,
  • Raising the level of satisfaction in educational activities,
  • Developing internationalization studies by increasing the number of international students preferred our university and the bilateral cooperation agreements between our university and foreign universities,
  • Supporting R&D studies, priority and interdisciplinary research areas in research activities,
  • Raising our university to the top in national and international academic evaluations,
  • Supporting activities regarding institutional accreditation studies,
  • Developing institutional culture,
  • Strengthening our relations with our stakeholders and,
  • Improving the quality of the services offered to the society by our university.
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