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Rector's Message

Dear Students,

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University is among the leading Turkish universities that aspire to be a global educational institution by reaching the world’s standards in education and science. It comprises 21 faculties, two colleges, 13 vocational schools, 45 research centers, a graduate school, a state conservatory, and a university hospital on 19 campuses. It has nearly 48,000 students, 2190 of whom are international students from 73 different countries, and so far, has graduated 135,000 students. As a scientific powerhouse, it houses around 2,000 qualified academics and 2,300 administrative personnel to offer its students a high-quality education.

The faculty members at ÇOMU are highly prolific. Each year, they publish influential and inspiring scholarly works and graduate hundreds of master’s and doctorate students who actively work in and contribute to various national and international research projects. Both our faculty and our students at three cycles avail themselves of exchange programs with a great number of universities across the globe. ÇOMU also has strong bonds not only with national and international students but also with the community. It gives to intra- and extra-provincial communities through workshops, projects, training, and analyses.

ÇOMU’s central Terzioğlu Campus is found in the City of Çanakkale. The campus is perched on a hill with a marvelous view over the Strait of Çanakkale, which connects Asia and Europe. It has 18 other campuses across the Province of Çanakkale. The city is also located at a historical, mythological, and philosophical intersection. The province witnessed some of the unforgettable moments of history, such as the Battles of Çanakkale during World War I, whose catastrophic magnitude can be witnessed at museums and Turkish and ANZAC war memorials in the Historical National Park of the Gelibolu Peninsula. Another “great” war of Çanakkale is the globally known Trojan War, which happened in Troia. The province is famous for several mythological firsts as well. The legend has it, Mount Ida is where the first beauty contest took place and the first bribe in the history of man was given. It is also known that the great philosopher Aristotle established an academy in Assos of Çanakkale, where along with several philosophers he laid the groundwork for such disciplines as zoology and biology. Furthermore, Çanakkale bears traces of many great other cultures and civilizations, such as Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans, which turns it into a culturally rich hotspot.

All these make ÇOMU a unique university to study and explore. I invite you for a world-class education and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Further together.

Prof. Dr. R. Cüneyt ERENOĞLU