Academic Units

Undergraduate Studies

The Agriculture Faculty of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University initiated its BSc programs in the 1995-1996 academic year, with students in the Departments of Horticulture and Animal Science at the Ezine Üvecik Yahya Çavuş Campus. At present, the Faculty of Agriculture is located in its own building on the Terzioglu Campus. There are 10 departments in the faculty; Horticulture, Plant Protection, Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Economy, Field Crops, Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Structure and Irrigation, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, and Animal Science. All of these programmes have undergraduate and graduate programmes and several scientific research activities are being carried out by 99 academic and 10 administrative staff. In its 13500 m2 indoor area the Faculty has; 74 offices, 22 classrooms, 17 laboratories, 1 amphitheatre, 1 seminar room, 1 computer laboratory with 30 computers, 1 technical drawing room with 20 drawing tables, 1 common room for staff and students, 1 student cafeteria and 9 cold storage warehouses.

Practical studies for undergraduate and graduate education programmes are conducted at the Sarıcaeli and Dardanos Campuses. At the Dardanos Campus, research and practical studies, including plant production, are carried out on 160 thousand square meters of irrigated agricultural land. At the Sarıcaeli Campus, for scientific research activities there are 2 livestock buildings for goats of the Animal Science department and warehouses and mechanical workshops of the Agriculture Machinery department. There are also 160 thousand square meters of grassland and an area of 40 thousand square meters for field crop production. In the faculty laboratories, there are several devices supported by the TÜBİTAK, DPT and BAP research institutions, which make it possible to analyse soil, plants, water and animal feed and it is also possible to detect the quality of agricultural products and plant diseases and pests.
Our faculty not only has many international agreements (e.g. Erasmus Programme) for the exchange of students and academic staff all around the world but also a lot of international research activities

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ÇThe Faculty of Architecture and Design of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University was established in 2012. The faculty includes Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design departments. The Department of Landscape Architecture offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to 95 students in total. The rest of the departments are not accepting students for degree programs yet, the faculty is in preparation for the needed academic staff and basic facilities. Although the Faculty of Architecture and Design is a newly established faculty, it is developing gradually and playing an important role with the education programmes and research activities, realising its mission as a faculty, both for the university and the city. The faculty aims to create more livable environments and create alternatives to help the transformation of spaces created by the side effects of urbanization and industrialization of cities. The faculty considers the eduction of students as professionals with high ethic values and the realisation of research for increasing public awareness for livable environments as one of it’s primary aims .

The Faculty’s principles for education and research are covered under three titles, as follows:
The conciousness for General Welfare and Social Justice To consider general welfare and social justice in all aspects of education and research as a basic principle, To improve public attendance create balance for all levels and different actors of the processes of design and planning. Environmental Consciousness To develop the consciousness of using environmental resources while protecting the natural, historical and cultural aspects, To balance the interaction of planning and design/ natural environment/ development in terms of sustainable development. The conciousness for Professional Ethics and Responsibility To develop conciousness for professional ethics and responsibility keeping in mind that planning and design activities are team work products of different professionals working together.
To be a leading faculty nationally and internationally known for its high qualities in education, research and implementation projects, innovation, raising designers and planners who are respectful and responsible to the environment, society, values, and who can communicate and cooperate with different disciplines. To educate students as landscape architects, architects, planners, interior architects and industrial designers as innovative characters who can shape the future and to transfer the created knowledge of research to social welfare. To research and realise national and international projects for national development, to create and support the academic staff for these developments, to provide necessary substructure and sustain it.
To be the focus of leading research and science for design, science, technology and art in national and international terms, To be a top listed faculty in national and international levels, To have high academic contentment levels for both students and academic members, To research and realise national and international projects for national development, to create and support the academic staff for these developments, to provide necessary substructure and sustain it, To give importance to harmony and unity within the constitution, To create good working conditions with transparent and participatory management approach, To ensure the satisfaction of staff, students and other stakeholders, To direct the future of the environment and nature by scholars joining in social life for the public interest to transfer their knowledge, To sustain the continuous development of the faculty, by adopted principles of total quality management and universal values,

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The goal of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is to offer students a sophisticated vocational and social education with creative faculty members, in order to train them to be modern citizens for our society, who can think scientifically and independently, undertake research, and take the right decisions. The faculty first offered education in 1993 – 1994 with only one department (Archaeology and Art History). By 2012, the faculty had expanded its teaching activities to 17 different departments. Currently, the faculty offers 11 mainstream and 4 evening programmes in 15 different fields.

At present, there are 4411 students and 214 academic staff, 126 of whom are also researchers. The faculty is the leading faculty of our university with regard to its academic activities and publications. More than half of the university’s international WEB of Science publications were produced by our faculty members. With its infrastructure, the faculty can offer a suitable environment for education, scientific and social activities: there are 40 classrooms (17 of which possess technical equipment), 3 computer labs, research and student labs belonging to the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Archaeology and Art History, libraries in the History, Art History and Geography departments, a reading room, a recreation room for academic staff, a health centre, a student cafeteria, a table tennis area and research labs. Diverse scientific and academic activities are held in the Turkish-Australian Research and Culture Centre and the Astrophysics Research Centre (Ulupınar Observatory). In social sciences programmes such as Archaeology and History, the faculty is engaged in both national and international projects concerning the ancient city of Troy and the Gallipoli Campaign of the First World War. The EU Erasmus and national Farabi student and staff exchange programmes are also efficiently carried out by the faculty.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences aims to train students who can compete with colleagues at both national and international levels, with the help of its broad range of academic staff and scientific infrastructure.

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Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Communication was established in 2011. Currently, our Faculty has 10 faculty members and 48 students. The Faculty of Communication on the Terzioglu Campus has a television studio and an editing laboratory.


Radio – Cinema and Television
Public Relations and Advertising
Visual Communication Design
New Media
Sciences of Communication
(Radio-Cinema and Television Department is the only active department of our Faculty)
Aims and Targets
Our aim is on the one hand is to have individuals to gain the perspective about the world of contemporary communication and media within the cultural, economic and political context and on the other hand to have from artistic perspective on the use of cameras, editing techniques, film production, radio broadcasting, journalism, public relations and advertising.
Our goal is directly related to the use of freedom of expression as a Faculty, to sensitize students in the fields of business ethics and media ethics and to be the leading and preferred Faculty in Turkey by following the technological development which is required by the sector.
Graduates of the Faculty can be employed in private and state-run television channels, radio stations, production companies, advertising agencies, press and in higher education institutions as well, if they have MBA and Phd. degrees.

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Communication
Terzioğlu Campus
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Biga Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was opened in 1994 with two departments. It now has over 4,600 students in 7 different departments. These are the departments of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Econometrics, Economics, Business Management, Public Administration, Finance and Industrial Relations. The Faculty has 88 academic staff in total, comprising 8 professors, 10 associate professors, 37 assistant professors, 3 lecturers, 29 research assistants and an instructor.

The Faculty is settled in a campus area covering over 900 acres, having 25,600 square meters of closed area with 26 classrooms, 5 halls, computer rooms, a library, a sports hall with a capacity of 1000 spectators, a conference hall with 550 seats, a health clinic, a dining hall, cafeterias, patisseries, a bookshop and an internet café. There is a state-run student dormitory on campus as well as many private dormitories and hostels in the town of Biga, which is 10 kilometres from the Faculty campus.

The Faculty actively participates in the Erasmus and Farabi student and academic staff exchange programmes and collaborates with many national and foreign universities, as well as with other academic institutions. The Faculty organizes joint symposiums on a regular basis, such as the "Symposium on Business Administration” with Silesian University of the Czech Republic, and the "International Symposium on Non-Governmental Organizations" as well as conferences, panels, and workshops on various topics. The Faculty hosts two well-known academic journals, namely "The Journal of Administrative Sciences" and "The Journal of Entrepreneurship and Development.” The Journal of Administrative Sciences is indexed by the Worldwide Political Science Abstracts Database and TUBITAK-ULAKBIM-SBVT. The Faculty is also the home of the "Dr. H. Ibrahim Bodur Entrepreneurship and Research Centre".

The social life of the students is quite active with over 24 students’ clubs. They organize many conferences, concerts, art competitions, sport competitions, trips and debates. Biga Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences provides its students with a quiet and well equipped campus atmosphere with the opportunity to improve themselves during their 4 years of education at the Faculty.

Adress: Biga İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi, Prof. Dr. Ramazan AYDIN Yerleşkesi
17200 Biga ÇANAKKALE
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The Faculty of Education is one of the oldest teacher-training institutions in Turkey, first established in 1955 as a school to train primary school teachers, providing three years of teacher-training education. The basic components of undergraduate programmes consist of courses with a practical focus. Graduate programmes focus on advanced theoretical knowledge in the field and on specialized applied research; a well-balanced emphasis on theory and application is maintained throughout the programmes. Each programme has a range of elective courses compatible with students' interests and abilities. These programmes, which have been developed to train students as competent teachers, educators and counselors, also cater for students' physical, sensory and social needs. Therefore, students of the Faculty of Education are provided with the opportunity to attend sports, arts and literary events managed by various student clubs. Undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Education are among the first choice of many university candidates.

The Faculty meets the needs of supplying the country's demand for teachers via a total of 24 programmes (eighteen of which are daytime programmes and six of which are evening programmes). In addition to their teaching duties, the Faculty’s lecturers are closely involved in making a contribution to academic activities at both the national and international levels. Lecturers are also actively involved in providing various in-service training programmes to serving teachers and educational administrators.

The Faculty participates in national and international student and teaching staff exchange programmes. Encouraging students to participate in these programmes is one of the basic principles of the Faculty. In this context, the Faculty has seen a steadily increasing number of outgoing and incoming students in respect of both the Erasmus international student exchange programme and in the Farabi national student exchange programme.
The Faculty carries out its educational activities with 177 full-time academic members consisting of 10 professors, 11 associate professors, 66 assistant professors, 46 instructors, and 44 research assistants; and it has registered 4419 undergraduate students in the academic year 2011-2012. Administrative and technical work is carried out by 25 non-academic personnel in the Faculty. Education takes place in 27 classrooms which are fully equipped with the necessary technological infrastructure. Furthermore, music rooms, individual music practice rooms, seminar rooms, art and drawing workshops, science and computer laboratories, language laboratories and a library are all available for use by students.

Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart ÜniversitesiAnafartalar Kampüsü 17100 Çanakkale - Türkiye
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The Faculty of Fine Arts at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University is one of Turkey's most dynamic professional training and research institutions for the visual and performing arts. One of the largest and most comprehensive programmes of its kind in Turkey and also one of the two fine arts faculties in the province of South Marmara, it brings together some 650 undergraduate and 100 graduate students and 70 full-time and part-time faculty employees at the leading edge of fine arts practice and scholarship.

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers in-depth academic studies (history, theory, criticism) and intensive, hands-on studio training in all the fine arts: ceramics, traditional Turkish crafts, design, digital media, film, performing arts and visual arts. Degree programmes offered include the BA and MA. The Faculty aims to graduate artists and art scholars, who have accumulated superior knowledge and developed distinguished skills in art as a result of creative, constructive and up-to-date curricula in accordance with national and international standards of art education.

Programmes emphasize contemporary artistic production and processes, including the integration of new and emerging technologies, alongside traditional modes of artistic theory and practice. There is a strong commitment to the inclusion of global cultures, collaborative and interdisciplinary work, and intercultural research. Visiting artists and scholars, workshops, master classes and conferences augment the curriculum, which is also enriched by opportunities for international exchange programmes such as ERASMUS and Leonardo da Vinci.

Fine Arts students at COMU study, create, rehearse, produce, perform and conduct research in state-of-the-art facilities, supported by the extensive scholarly resources of COMU, one of Turkey's rapidly developing universities. Each year, the Faculty of Fine Arts presents a full season of public events, and students have many options to showcase their work, both on and off the campus.

Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi
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Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Fisheries Faculty was founded in 1992 and started its academic program in 1995, offering four-year undergraduate programmes. In the autumn of 2005, the faculty started an evening programme in addition to the day time programme. The faculty offers courses in the fields of Basic Sciences, Aquaculture and Fishing and Processing Technology. Students are awarded the title “Fisheries Engineer” at the end of 8 semesters. MSc and PhD Degrees in these fields are offered via the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. 400 students were enrolled in the undergraduate programme during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Fishing and Processing Technology

The Fisheries Faculty has several research facilities and laboratories for fisheries and aquatic research that encompasses a broad range of topics such as: aquaculture, water chemistry and pollution, fish diseases, biotechnology and genetics, seafood processing and quality, limnology and marine biology, and fisheries biology. An Aquarium Laboratory with over 40 aquariums is used for ornamental fish and genetics, as well as for invertebrate research.
Plankton Laboratory
Feed Analysis Laboratory
Processing Technology Laboratory
Fishing Technology and Fish Biology Laboratory
At the Dardanos Campus, a larvae research station and a wet lab, including 22 tanks of 300 L each, are used for feeding and nutritional studies for various kinds of fish. A fish feed formulation and analysis laboratory is available for aquacultural research. 8 research marine cages are actively used all year around. A greenhouse was built for freshwater microalgae (Spirulina platensis, Haematococcus pluvialis) and marine macroalgae (Gracilaria, Pterocladia) runs all year round. It includes two raceways with pedal-wheel circulation and blowers connected. Bilim1(10 m) and Uni-Dardanos (6 m and 50 HP) are the two research vessels that are used in biological and fisheries surveys. Bilim 1 is equipped with Fishfinder, GPS, and Echosounder systems.

Marine Museum Admiral Piri Reis Marine Museum and gallery opened its doors to public on 28th of December 2004. The museum displays more than 200 different species of fin-fish, cartilagious fish and marine invertebrates such as cephalopods, crustaceans and mollusk which have been captured in all of the seas surrounding Turkey. Specific collections of the museum include one part of the magnificent piece of Piri Reis “Bahriyye-on Navigation” and various Navigation Maps. The museum is also a host to different exhibitions over time for duration of two months each.
Marine Aquariums
Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi Deniz Bilimleri ve Teknolojisi Fakültesi
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Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Medicine was established in 2000. The Faculty started academic education in 2007 with 30 students. Currently, the Faculty of Medicine has over 90 faculty members and 280 students. The Faculty of Medicine on the Terzioglu campus has four classrooms, a multidisciplinary research laboratory, an anatomy laboratory and eight conference rooms. With the Departments of Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine, the faculty is one of only three medical faculties specializing in water medicine in Turkey. In the near future, Çanakkale is expected to become an attractive centre for applications of hyperbaric oxygen and diving tourism.

The main aim of the Faculty of Medicine is to train general practitioners and specialists who can develop and protect health, recognize diseases and implement the appropriate treatment, with respect for human beings in the light of universal criteria. Furthermore, it aims to provide the highest quality of education and training of future physicians for the Canakkale Region, in harmony with the diverse population; to conduct the best facultative research in the biomedical and health sciences; and to provide exemplary clinical services in relation to our educational and discovery activities.

With this aim, the faculty has continued since 2010 to strengthen and increase its staff in order to provide the highest level of education for future physicians.

Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi
Tel : 0090 286 218 00 18
Fax: 0090 286 218 03 93
The Faculty of Theology, which was established in 1995, aims to conduct academic research in the field of religious studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and train professional individuals as teachers and researchers of religion, to be employed by state and private schools providing formal and non-formal education. One of the objectives of the Faculty is to educate the nation in the field of Islamic and religious studies.

The Faculty of Theology comprises three departments:

1- Fundamental Islamic Studies
2- Philosophy and Religious Studies
3- Islamic History and Arts
The Faculty of Theology aims to act as an academic medium embracing both local and global values and bringing cultural and historical heritage to the present and the future. Its mission is to embrace and blend social and religious varieties and diversities on local and global grounds and to become a leading world institution in the field of religious studies in the 21st century.

Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi
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Gökçeada School of Applied Sciences was founded on 26 August 2008. It has been educating students since 2010 in its own building in the centre of Gökçeada. The school has five departments, namely, Gastronomy, Fisheries Technology, Tourism Management, Organic Agriculture Management, Cultural Heritage Management and Restoration & Conservation. The Gastronomy and Fisheries Technology Departments began recruiting students in the 2010-2011 academic year, with a quota of 40 students for each, and have started four-year undergraduate courses (Bachelor's Degree). The total number of students in the Gökçeada School of Applied Sciences was 67 in the first year; 37 of them studying in the Gastronomy Department and 30 of them in the Fisheries Technology Department. The total number of registered students has now reached 124 in the 2011-2012 academic year.

Two professors, 1 associate professor, 6 assistant professors, 4 lecturers and 1 research assistant are currently employed at the School.

Gökçeada School of Applied Sciences has a Computer Laboratory used by students for classes and project work. Furthermore, the Fisheries Technology Department also possesses a laboratory.

While preparing the academic programme, the academic staff takes into account international standards and the sector requirements of Turkey. Our students are able to carry out their work placement training either within or outside of Turkey.

The mission of Gökçeada School of Applied Sciences is to use innovative educational approaches to train middle-senior executives of enterprises or self-employed entrepreneurs who have the ability to analyse, make decisions and solve problems.

The students of Gökçeada School of Applied Sciences will graduate as individuals who can build strong social relationships, implement scientific innovations, and comprehend all the developments of the world as a result of taking both theoretical and practical courses and undertaking work placements, and engaging in scientific, social, cultural and sports activities.

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The School of Foreign Languages, established in 2009, comprises the Foreign Languages Preparatory Program, the Department of Modern Languages and the Department of Translation and Interpreting. The School of Foreign Languages prepares students for English-medium academic study in the faculties, schools and vocational schools of the university. In other words, the school is responsible for carrying out compulsory and professional English and other foreign language courses within the university, and conducting intensive language courses for one-year preparation classes. The intensive foreign language preparatory programme is from elementary to advanced level in English, Japanese and German depending on students’ chosen faculties and schools. In addition to conducting foreign language courses within the university, the school organizes foreign language proficiency examinations and general English and other foreign language courses for students and for the public in cooperation with the Continuing Education Center.

The core responsibility of the School of Foreign Languages is not limited to planning, organizing and conducting English courses within the university; we primarily aim to equip our students with the language skills necessary to express themselves in their academic work, to exchange information and to understand written and audio-visual materials.

In this respect, our mission is to provide students with basic language skills, enabling them to communicate in their target language competently and to reach a proficient level as part of the Common European Language Framework. Our vision is to develop as an innovative, prospering and prominent educational institution providing a lasting language education and promoting life-long learning.

Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Turizm İşletmeciliği ve Otelcilik Yüksekokulu Terzioğlu Kampüsü 17100 Çanakkale - Türkiye
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Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University School of Health was established in 1996. It offers bachelor’s degrees in three departments: Department of Nursing, Department of Midwifery and Department of Rescue and Disaster Management. Whilst 657 students are registered in the school as of 2011, 666 students have graduated from our departments and they are already employed by the state and private health sectors.

The school aims to graduate competent and well-educated students who are devoted to their jobs and care about people.

The School of Health gives particular importance to international academic relationships and student exchange programmes. The school has already signed collaboration protocols with its equivalents from other countries. Students from other Turkish universities can spend one or two semesters in our departments within the framework of the nationwide Farabi Exchange Programme.

The Department of Rescue and Disaster Management is special in being the first and only one in its field in Turkey and preferred by a high number of students in the university entrance exams. The students graduating from this department easily find employment, mainly in state-run institutions in Turkey.

Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi Sağlık Yüksekokulu
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Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU) School of Physical Education and Sports (SPES) was established in 1998. The school has been recognised as a regional leader in Sport Sciences, which provides distinctive undergraduate and graduate programmes. All departments are open to Erasmus students and visiting scholars from academic staff exchange programmes. SPES trains in the areas of physical education and sports teaching, coaching, sports management, recreation and sports specialists through its undergraduate programmes with around 500 students. In addition, the school offers an MSc graduate programme in the field of learning and teaching physical education and sports.

In the near future, SPES will continue to enhance and develop its teaching, education, and research to comply with the norms and standards of European Union universities. In this respect, SPES will possess both qualified academic staff and students who will be capable of using advanced educational technology. At the same time, continuing education programmes, such as coaching, sports management, recreation, teaching, research and thesis topics will be organized, according to Turkey’s existing problems and requirements. The school also collaborates with national institutions such as the Youth and Sports General Administration, National Olympic Committee, sport clubs, and sport federations.

Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi Beden Eðitimi ve Spor Yüksekokulu,
Terzioğlu Yerleşkesi. 17100 Çanakkale
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The School of Tourism and Hotel Management implements its academic education via three departments; Accommodation Management, Travel Management and Tourism Guidance. The school is located on the Terzioglu Campus. Following a one year compulsory English language preparatory programme, students receive an undergraduate education for 8 terms (4 years) in Turkish. Students who complete 4 years of undergraduate education and 60 days of compulsory programmes successfully at national or foreign tourism establishments are awarded a bachelor’s degree. Each summer students spend approximately 3 months gaining practical experience working in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies or similar touristic organisations.

The undergraduate study course programme is uniquely designed to prepare the students for challenging managerial positions in the tourism industry. Thus, along with management courses, travel and hotel operations courses and travel and hotel based computer software courses are offered. Furthermore, apart from English as a foreign language, second foreign language courses such as German, Russian, or Japanese are offered to the students.

The school also offers Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes. Furthermore, in the framework of European Union exchange programmes, academic staff and students can participate in vocational training at our partner universities in Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belgium, Hungary, and Romania Adress: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Turizm İşletmeciliği ve Otelcilik Yüksekokulu Terzioğlu Kampüsü 17100 Çanakkale - Türkiye

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The State Conservatory consists of a Music Department offering both vocal and instrumental performing studies. The aim of the Music Department is to provide a sufficient education in the fields of vocal and instrumental performance. In addition, students have the opportunity to study different genres like Turkish Art Music, Turkish Folk Music or Classical Music. All applicants have to perform a live audition in order to be accepted by the Music Department. The Conservatory staff consists of one director, two deputy directors, two lecturers, one secretary and one office administrator.

Our missions are to establish a qualified academic staff who are masters in their own fields of study and to develop into an institution which offers courses in the fields of musical performance, music theory, musicology, music technology, composing and conducting at international level.

Our vision is to educate creative, open minded, versatile and prolific students who are masters in their own fields but still eager to undertake research into different aspects of music. Having the privilege of being in a country located between many different cultures, our starting point is to understand different musical cultures and make strong connections between them to contribute to the language of music.

Adress: Canakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi Devlet Konservatuarı Anafartalar Kampüsü - B Blok
17100 Çanakkale - Türkiye
Tel : 0090 286 217 68 61