Contribution of COMU to the Turkish-Russian Public Forum

Contribution of COMU to the Turkish-Russian Public Forum

The Head of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Turkish-Russian Research and Practice Center (TURUSIA) Prof. Dr. Vedat Çaliskan participated in the Turkish-Russian Public Forum as a member of Turkish Delegation which was held in Antalya. Prof. Dr. Vedat Çaliskan informed the forum participants about COMU TURUSIA and emphasized the lack of cultural functions in tourism relationships between Turkey and Russia. Furthermore, he stated that they were planning to schedule a meeting for TURSAB and COMU TURISIA in Istanbul or Canakkale in order to discuss new tourism perspectives and types.

Prof. Dr. Çaliskan stated that they would continue to contribute to the relationship development process between Turkey and Russia. Prof. Dr. Çaliskan also mentioned that the “Issue of Russians who had to live in Gelibolu between 1920 and 1923 far from their homeland” constituted potential for cultural tourism and intercultural dialogue between two countries.

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